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Sake Guide: Introduction

by Andy Wong 29 Jul 2022

Welcome to your sake journey!

Chances are you’ve had hot sake or a sake bomb before, or you’ve tried a flight of sake at a restaurant and you’re curious to find that experience again. Sake may seem difficult at first because of the foreign labels, terminology, and lack of information and selection available at most restaurants, but actually, it’s an incredibly approachable drink! We believe you don’t have to be a sake sommelier to enjoy sake. You can enjoy it any way you want — even if you really do love that sake bomb! Here at Tippsy, our mission is to provide access to a good selection as well as information to make sake easy and fun. There’s so much to know about the world of sake, but for those seeking an introduction and just a little more knowledge to enhance the dining experience, we’ve put together a Sake Guide to give you a better understanding and appreciation for this centuries-old work of craftsmanship.

Here’s what you’ll find in this guide:

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