FAQ on Pre-order

1. What is a pre-order?
A pre-order is a way to reserve a product before it is available for sale. This is often done for products that are highly anticipated or in limited supply.

2. Why should I pre-order Japanese sake?
Pre-ordering Japanese sake ensures that you will receive the product as soon as it becomes available, as well as guarantees that you will receive a specific quantity of the product. This is particularly important for limited edition or rare sake varieties.

3. How do I pre-order Japanese sake?
To pre-order Japanese sake, simply select the product you wish to pre-order and add it to your cart. During checkout, you will be prompted to enter your shipping and payment information. Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase.

4. When will my pre-ordered Japanese sake be shipped?
The estimated shipping date for pre-ordered Japanese sake will be listed on the product page. However, please note that this date is subject to change depending on various factors such as production delays or shipping constraints.

5. Can I cancel my pre-order?
Yes, you may cancel your pre-order at any time prior to the estimated shipping date. To cancel your pre-order, please contact our customer service team.

6. What happens if the pre-ordered sake is unavailable?
In the unlikely event that the pre-ordered sake becomes unavailable, you will be notified and your credit card will be refunded in full.

7. Can I pre-order multiple bottles of Japanese sake?
Yes, you can pre-order multiple bottles of Japanese sake. However, please note that quantities may be limited for certain products.

8. Can I pre-order Japanese sake for a gift?
Yes, pre-ordering Japanese sake for a gift is a great idea. During checkout, you can enter the recipient's shipping address and include a personal message.

9. Is pre-ordering Japanese sake secure?
Yes, pre-ordering Japanese sake on our website is secure. We use SSL encryption to protect your personal and payment information.

10. Can I pre-order Japanese sake if I live outside of Singapore?
Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to ship Japanese sake within Singapore.

Our Story

Saketime is a Japanese sake seller dedicated to sharing the rich culture of Japanese sake with the world. Our brand is built on professionalism, quality, and innovation, and we strive to create unique and excellent sake products that will delight our customers. Thank you for choosing Saketime. We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.