Gift Idea

1. What is Gift Idea?

A gift idea is a suggestion or inspiration for a present that can be given to someone for a special occasion or just to show appreciation. The goal of a gift idea is to provide inspiration and guidance to those looking for the perfect gift.

2. Which product can be eligible for this service?

We recommend the category of Assorted Set as present to your family or friends. These sets are enough for them to enjoy the taste of Japanese sake.

3. Can I leave a gift message on my order?

Sure, you can. Please leave your gift message at the page of payment. 

Our Story

Saketime is a Japanese sake seller dedicated to sharing the rich culture of Japanese sake with the world. Our brand is built on professionalism, quality, and innovation, and we strive to create unique and excellent sake products that will delight our customers. Thank you for choosing Saketime. We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.