Dassai “39”
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    A dream come true

    Imagine wading through a field of white flowers, the spring breeze tickling your skin, and a succulent mango in your palm. Now open your eyes to find your imagination come to life with Dassai “39.” A skillfully balanced Junmai Daiginjo that brings a rush of fruit flavors to your palate. The rice is milled to just 39%, which gives Dassai “39” its smooth, mellow taste. It’s is practically a dream come true.



    Brand Dassai
    Brewery Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd.
    Category Junmai Daiginjo
    Subcategory N/A
    Taste Profile Light & Sweet
    Rice variety Yamadanishiki
    Yeast variety N/A
    Alcohol 16.0%
    RPR ? 39%
    SMV ? +3.0
    Acidity ? N/A

    Values listed are at the time of production.

    Serving Temperature

    The best serving temperature of Dassai “39” is cold (40-60°F).

      • Recommended
    •  Not Recommended


    Dassai “39” - Yamaguchi prefecture

    Dassai is made in Yamaguchi prefecture in the Chugoku region.


    Taste Metrics

    Taste metrics not available for Dassai “39”

    Tasting Notes

    • Banana

    • Apple


    Recommended Pairing

    • Meat

    • Seafood

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