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    SAUVAGE means "wildness".
    SAUVAGE is one of the oldest varieties of rice in Japan that you can experience.
    It is one of the oldest varieties of rice in Japan, and is the descendant of native Japanese rice.
    The rice harvested in the rice paddies stands tall in the sun and looks like a man.
    Omachi, which produces large grains of rice, is very masculine.
    Native rice can be considered wild rice.
    Its powerful wildness is greatly reflected in the quality of sake.
    Its weed-like vitality is strongly rooted, and the primitive workings of plants can be directly felt.

    The taste of sake also changes depending on the variety.
    Yamada-Nishiki has a feminine gentleness.
    The difference between the two can be easily perceived by comparing the two while imagining the masculine strength of Omachi.

    Please enjoy the difference between the different varieties.

    TASTING NOTE/2018 Vintage
    The aroma is gentle, but shows a variety of expressions, including plant nuances such as blue grass and grains, and botanical aromas, although it is gentle.

    On the palate, you will feel a pleasant stimulation from the gas, and you will clearly taste the fresh fruit flavor and bitterness like chewing citrus peel.
    This umami and bitterness give a clear sense of the characteristics of the Omachi grape variety.
    As time goes by, the bitterness settles down and becomes more balanced.
    The aroma is even more distinctive, with a clear image of ripe banana-like tropical fruit.

    The initial taste is mild, but as time goes by, both the flavor and aroma open up, and the unique potential of Omachi is felt. Please enjoy the changes over time.

    Specifications】 【Specifications
    Rice used: Omachi
    Rice polishing ratio/50
    Alcohol percentage/16.0
    Sake meter/not disclosed
    Amino acidity/not disclosed
    Bottle heating/Storage
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