**Drinking or buying alcoholic beverage is NOT allowed under the age of 18.

     The petals scattered in red in a pale pink bottle give it a feminine look. Rare color in Watanuki design.

    The theme is "for me as I am". It's impossible to smile all the time, but I hope you have a little more time to laugh.

    Vegetables, meat, fish... A sweet and gentle sake that goes well with any dish. Cold sake or room temperature is recommended! 


    Fresh, mild and clear taste

    A fresh and mild aroma like pear or apple flowing out in the air. This sake has a clear and fresh sweetness derived from Hyogo Kitanishiki sake rice, a rich flavor and clear aftertaste that you will never grow bored of. The smooth quality of this sake is recommended for sake beginners. This mild-tasting sake goes well with any type of food.


    Sake full of Tamba character derived from locally harvested Hyogo Kitanishiki

    Rojoh-Hana-Ari is named after a Zen dialogue to express our wish to make sake that gives people an emotional enlightenment to be impressed even by a little flower on the street. The taste of sake changes by sake rice. For example, while Yamada Nishiki is used for Aoi of the same sake series, this sake is brewed from rare sake rice called Hyogo Kitanishiki harvested in the local area to create a more Tamba-like sake. As with Kurobotan, you can enjoy the different tastes derived from the different types of sake rice.

    Brewery's commitments

    ■Sake rice

    This sake is brewed from the locally developed sake rice Hyogo Kitanishiki, one of the rice varieties that is commonly cultivated in the Tajima and Tamba areas of Hyogo Prefecture. This type of rice is very soft, therefore it is easily reduced to a pulp during the sake-making process. A fresh and clear sweetness accompanied with a rich flavor is the best feature of this sake rice. Compared to Yamada Nishiki, this is a very rare type of rice that is only produced in small quantities.

    Brewing process to keep it fresh

    Our focus in sake making is freshness. By brewing throughout the year, we maintain the freshness of our products and provide fresh sake to our customers at all times.


    All water used in our brewing process is from the well on our property (soft water) that comes from the Takeda River in Tamba. As you can read in the Japanese comic book, Oishinbo, it is said, “It’s amazing how, once you take a sip, you can feel the richness of the taste in your mouth, and once you swallow it, it’s gone. This is indeed a crisp and clear sake.” This precious water is a lifeline of sake making in Tamba.

    ■Kotsuzumi Junmai Daiginjo Roadside Arika "Momohana" 

    ■Capacity: 720ml Frequency: 16 degrees or more and less than 17 degrees Koji (domestic rice) 

    ■Rice used: Hyogo Kita Nishiki 

    ■Rice polishing ratio: 50% 

    ■Brewery: Nishiyama Sake Brewery 

    ■Prefecture: Hyogo

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