Shuho Junmaidaiginjo Yamadaho 二割二分

    Shuho Junmaidaiginjo Yamadaho 22%

    Shuho Junmaidaiginjo Yamadaho has been developed over a long period of time through trial and error to reduce the level of refined rice to 22%, which is as dazzling as a pearl in the hand, and has a silky smooth mouthfeel with the elegant aroma of sake rice.

    Type: Junmai Daiginjo

    Alcoholic strength: 17%

    Capacity: 720ml

    Rice type: Yamadaho

    Fine Rice Blend: 22 %

    Place of origin: Yamagata Prefecture

    Brewery: Hidetaka Brewery

    Serving: room temperature / iced

    Sake quality: The rice is made from Yamadaho, the parent variety of Yamada Nishiki, which is difficult to grow due to its long body and tendency to fall over, and is milled to the highest whiteness of 22% in the Hidefu series. The taste is clear and delicious with a spicy alcoholic taste and a sweetness to it.

    Yamadaho, a rice that has been grown with great care and is difficult to cultivate, has been lavishly brewed with 22% refined rice to produce a gorgeous aroma and refreshing flavour. This is an excellent wine for aperitifs or for a meal, so enjoy it and experience the infinite possibilities of sake.

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